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If you are visiting Park City, Utah or Salt Lake City, Utah and want to fly fish, you are in luck! There is great fly fishing available a very short distance away. Park City, Utah is only 15-20 minutes from the first access points on the Provo River and the Weber River. Salt Lake City is only another 25 minutes further. You can literally fly in to the Salt Lake International Airport and be fly fishing within an hour of picking up your bags. If you have only limited time, you can easily fit in a half day guide trip. During the ski season, you can even ski powder in the morning and fish in the afternoon. During the summer you can easily combine a half day trip with other activities such as golfing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or whatever you want to do. If you are visiting Utah and staying in the Park City or Salt Lake City areas, we are happy to pick you up at your hotel or lodging and drop you back off with sore arms from catching fish at the end of the trip! Give us a call and let us show you how great the fishing can be within 20 minutes of Park City or 40 minutes of Salt Lake City, Utah. Head out on a fly fishing trip with us, you won’t be disappointed.

Provo River

Fly Fishing

The Provo River flows a vast eighty-one miles from Mirror Lake in the high Uinta Mountains down through the beautiful Provo Valley eventually emptying into Utah Lake. The world-famous blue ribbon trout fishery of the Provo River consists of three different sections, referred to as the upper Provo, middle Provo and lower Provo. Each section of the river affords a unique ambiance and characteristic.

The Provo River is home to more than 3,500 wild brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout per square mile in its most fertile reaches that thrive on the abundant aquatic insect life. In the most productive reaches, the average fish that populate the Provo River is an incredible 16-20 inches in size, with trophy trout exceeding an amazing 25 inches.

The Provo River offers a wide range of fishing opportunities in spring, summer, fall, and even in the heart of the cold winter. Each season brings its own exciting opportunities to the angler, ranging from dry fly fishing in the early spring and summer months, to the fall and winter months when there is incredible sight fishing.

The Provo River is conveniently located forty-five minutes from Salt Lake City, twenty minutes from Park City, fifteen minutes from Provo, and a quick five minutes from Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort.

Provo River Fly Fishing Sections

Upper Provo River Fly Fishing

The Provo River begins high in the Uinta Mountains about 80 miles east of Salt Lake City and about 40 miles east of Park City, Utah. The upper Provo River at this point is a very small stream although it can still have good fly fishing mainly for small cutthroat and brook trout. It is a typical high elevation trout stream with pocket water, riffles and small pools with aggressive and eager small trout willing to eat a well presented fly. This upper portion of the Provo River is within the Wasatch National Forest and therefore completely open to the public. As it makes its way downstream toward Jordanelle Reservoir it picks up more volume and Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout start to become more predominant. Once it leaves the Wasatch National Forest, the Provo River flows through mostly private land. There can be some excellent fly fishing on this section of the Provo River, but it can be difficult to access. There is a small section of public land immediately above Jordanelle Reservoir that lies within Jordanelle State Park. This section of the Provo is very short, but at certain times of the year it can have some great fly fishing and we offer fly fishing guide trips here during those times.

Middle Provo River Fly Fishing

The middle Provo River begins once the river flows from beneath the dam at Jordanelle Reservoir. Fly fishing the middle Provo River is very popular as a result of the fertile tailwater fishery that is produced by Jordanelle Reservoir. The middle Provo is very close to Park City, Utah where you can be fishing within 20 minutes of leaving Park City. Salt Lake City is only another 25 minutes away. The middle Provo or as some people call it “the mid” is a relatively new fishery in the sense that Jordanelle Dam was built in 1992 and filled in 1995 so has only been a tailwater fishery for a short time and is still evolving. Prior to the completion of Jordanelle, the middle Provo was a free flowing river that flowed through farmland similar to the lower reaches of the upper Provo River. The middle Provo is primarily a Brown Trout fishery, but there are Rainbow Trout in some sections and an occasional Cutthroat Trout. The middle Provo fly fishes similar to a freestone river and has very good hatches of oxygen loving insects such as stoneflies and caddis flies. There are also very good hatches of several species of mayflies and being a tailwater there are also good midge, sow bug and scud populations. As a result of all of the insect life, the middle Provo is a very fertile fishery and has a very large population of trout with estimates around 3,000 per mile or so. We offer fly fishing guide trips on the middle Provo River year round depending on the hatches that are occurring and the current conditions. Access on the middle Provo is very good with numerous established parking lots and trails. It is very easy to have the river to yourself by walking a distance from the parking areas. The middle Provo eventually empties into Deer Creek Reservoir and this is where this section ends.

Lower Provo River Fly fishing

The lower Provo River begins below Deer Creek Reservoir flowing cold and clear most of the time from below the dam. Fly fishing on the lower Provo River is also very popular as a result of its highly productive status and a result of its proximity to Salt Lake City, Provo and Park City Utah. The lower Provo River is an extremely fertile tailwater with large populations of sow bugs and scuds that create ideal growing conditions for some very large Brown and Rainbow Trout and the occasional Cutthroat Trout. The sow bugs and scuds are not the only insects although they are a staple on this section. There are also very prolific hatches of Blue Winged Olive and Pale Morning Dun mayflies as well as yellow sally stoneflies. Very popular as a nymph fishery, the lower Provo River can offer some spectacular dry fly fishing. The lower Provo River is a long established tailwater fishery with the dam being completed in 1941. Access is plentiful on the lower Provo River with US 189 following the river through Provo Canyon. In 2008 the road was re aligned on the upper portion making access on the upper end more difficult affording anglers willing to walk a little further a possibility of having the river free of crowds. We offer fly fishing guide trips on the lower Provo River year round and there can be some spectacular days fly fishing the lower Provo River. The Provo River leaves Provo Canyon and flows through Provo and Orem and eventually empties into Utah Lake. There is potentially good fly fishing all through this lower portion in an urban setting if you are interested in something different.

Weber River

Fly Fishing

The Weber River is similar in size to the Provo River and is located a short distance from Salt Lake City and Park City. The Weber River is almost a mirror image of the Provo River flowing north while the Provo flows south. The Weber River also flows from the same Uinta mountain range just a short distance from the Provo River headwaters. In fact they are barely separated by a high mountain pass. The Weber flows north through two major reservoirs and has some spectacular fishing on its way to the Great Salt Lake where it ends its journey. We offer fly fishing guide trips on the Weber River year round and there can be some spectacular days fly fishing the Weber.

The Weber is well known for producing wild brown trout sometimes growing to trophy sizes well over 25 inches! Just a short 20-minute drive from Park City, the Weber River offers excellent access and much less angler traffic than the Provo River. It is well recognized for its abundant hatches, making for great nymphing year round. Furthermore, it offers excellent dry fly fishing in the summer on carpets of caddis and over-abundant hoppers, along with blue wing olive and Mothers Day caddis dry fly fishing opportunities from late winter through mid-May.

Other Utah Rivers & Streams

Fly Fishing

There are variety of other small streams that are a little more off the beaten path near Park City and Salt Lake City that we can show you. Some of these streams offer spectacular wild trout dry fly fishing without another angler in sight! You can have a true wilderness experience within a few short hours of a major city and come home to all of the modern conveniences of the Park City and Salt Lake City areas.
What Some of Our Guests are Saying

“I am an attorney in San Francisco and an avid fly fisherman. I have fished with guides throughout the lower 48 and Alaska on numerous occasions. I think I have a good sense of what it takes to be a good fishing guide. The best guides have three main qualities. First, they are excellent fishermen in their own right. Second, they have a unique and specialized understanding of the area being fished. Third, they are great ‘people’ people.

I am sure there are many guides in the Provo area with great fishing skills and a good knowledge of the Provo River. I am not sure there are any who surpass Jeremy. Having fished with Jeremy on many occasions over the past several years, I have come to appreciate not only his skills as a fisherman, but the depth of his knowledge of the Provo fishery. I have never failed to catch fish, and my colleagues who have joined me have been similarly successful. My son still talks about how much fun we had with Jeremy a few years back.

What sets Jeremy apart, however, is what typically separates great guides from good guides. That is the service ethic. Jeremy is always on time, prepared, friendly, and professional. He is willing to stay late when we are into a good rise and is always patient when we mess things up. His enthusiasm is genuine and his commitment to the sport is infectious.

As you can no doubt tell, I am a big Jeremy Jones fan. I have recommended him to friends who have considered fishing in the Provo area.”

Jeremy gets it!! He makes the flyfishing experience totally fun. While he respects the beauty of the environment and how it frames the fly fisher’s experience he never fails to remember that we want to catch fish! The bigger the better and the more the merrier. I have travelled all over North America to flyfish. I have never found a better guide. He works tirelessly to make his customers have a great experience. You would be lucky to have him representing you.

Wayne Mason

You will be working with a known quantity in Jeremy Jones. He knows the fish personally…I am convinced. He has guided my children, professional colleagues, friends and neighbors for the past 8 years. It is rare in life to find someone you absolutely know will not disappoint. Jeremy makes the flyfishing experience very personal. My future fly fishing needs and the needs of those who are within my sphere of influence will go where Jeremy goes.

Danny Humphery

I have been fishing with Jeremy for years and have NEVER been skunked with him. He has the local knowledge of the rivers and knows what rigs work best for each time of the year. I enjoyed his ability to “teach” me how to fish, rather than just saying “throw it there”. Jeremy taught me how to read the water and work the river effectively. MOST OF ALL, Jeremy, has fun doing what he loves and it shows in his personality and passion for fly fishing. I cant say enough good things! GO FISH!!!

Matt Haney

Thanks so much for your help and professional demeanor throughout. We are sitting at Sundance at the owl bar having a drink waiting for our table at the tree room from the reservation you made; reflecting on a perfect day.
I caught 25 or more and roiled a bunch more. Ruth on her first fly fishing trip caught a dozen at least and broke off even more. We’ve got four on ice soon to be consumed. Ryan was the BEST …..patient and a very good teacher. What a day we can’t wait to come back. It’s not often that a business exceeds your expectations but WGS certainly did! Thanks again.

Mike & Ruth Smith

My 16 year old son and I went fishing with Jeremy Jones on Sunday, December 22nd. The experience was so great that we booked a second outing the following Thursday (the 26th). The setting was amazing, the fishing was great, and Jeremy was on a mission to make sure that we had a great experience. We have fished with a number of different guides over the years and Jeremy is undoubtedly the best! He was fully engaged the entire time, constantly working different flies and patiently coaching until we were completely dialed in. Jeremy clearly knows what works on the Provo and he tailors his coaching to each individual. On top of that, he's just a cool guy to hang with on the river. I would definitely recommend WSG and plan on being a return customer myself.

I highly recommend Wasatch Guide Service. I am an experienced fly fisherman, but I have never before had the good fortune to have lessons from such consummate pros - who also happen to be gifted instructors. I immensely enjoyed and benefited from my two half-days of fly fishing on the Provo in late October, one guided by Jeremy and the other with Larry. Both were memorable days that provided me with invaluable lessons that will most certainly benefit me as I fly fish in the streams of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Weather conditions were a bit extreme on the Provo, with wind one day and snow the next, but I don’t recall either of Jeremy or Larry even mentioning the weather, as both were totally focused on guiding me to several beautiful native rainbows. An experience I highly recommend to anyone who loves to fly fish.

My friend and I were recently visiting Utah and had some time off to do some fishing. We talked to Jeremy about all of the trips that WGS offered from local to remote streams. We ended up doing a half day trip on the Provo with Clarence and then we were able to book a whole day remote float trip on the Green River in Wyoming with Steve. Both guides were extremely knowledgeable about the waters they were guiding and where the fish would be holding. We couldn't have been taken care of much better than we were. The fishing was fantastic on the Green River and we caught multiple fish over 15 inches and a few in the 20 inch range. The weather was not very cooperative, but our guide Steve was up to the task, rowing his butt off to make our drifts look irresistible to the trout. Jeremy and his staff were awesome and I couldn't be happier with Wasatch Guide Service. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Our outing with Wasatch Guide Service could not have been better! From the first contact with Jeremy he was helpful, patient and professional. Communication with him was superb! We were well informed of expectations and directions to the location for fishing. To top it off, we had a guide who is a legend in the sport (although we did not know about Larry's fame and renown skills until after we were gone.) He is truly kind and humble!

I had never been fly fishing but Larry was a patient and wonderful teacher.....in the end I caught 12 and my fiance caught almost that many 🙂 He had actually been before and thought this was a great day on the water as well. Call Jeremy and plan a day in the wonderful Provo Canyon enjoying the great outdoors!

Jeremy is THE GUIDE you want to hire if you're going fly fishing in Utah. Our trip was amazing. When we arrived, Jeremy took the time to provide all our equipment, show us how to use it and make sure we were 100% comfortable at all times. He's a skilled and passionate angler and we learned a lot about fishing in general, the history of the area and the best strategies to fly fish. He was also very patient and instructed us on how to use the fly rod, cast and was by our side helping us all day. It was so much more than just fishing and was one of the most memorable outings our family has had in a long time. We couldn't recommend Jeremy more. He's professional, on time and an absolute pleasure to fish with. Thank you!

My dad and I wanted to take a guided fly fishing trip while we were in Utah. I contacted 4 different guide services and Jeremy was the best. He answered both the questions I asked and the questions I didn't think to ask in a professional and laid back manner. Jeremy made booking easy with fair prices, and he gave us a discount for having our own waders and rods. Jeremy's knowledge and accessibility helped instill a sense of confidence in a successful trip. At the end of the day Jeremy called us to see how the trip went.

Our experience on the Lower Provo was great. Our guide, Larry, was very knowledgeable. Larry taught us techniques and provided tips that helped us to catch so many fish that we lost count and the average size was about 18 inches.

I was impressed with the service and care displayed in order to make sure that our trip was the best it could be. Next time I get out to the Provo area, I will be looking at a trip with Wasatch Guide Service.

My 20 year old son and I have fished with Jeremy and his other guides many times. These guys are professional guides but they are also nice people to spend a day on the river with. They are extremely patient with the less experienced and are always willing to share their knowledge of the sport and the trout ecosystem. We always have an enjoyable experience and each time we leave, we are looking forward to the next opportunity to come back.

Excellent full day of fly fishing on the Provo River. Doug, Mike & Steve are three superior guides. We had 5 I shine with 3 guides, outstanding. No matter what level you are as a fly fisherman or fly fisher woman, Doug, Mike & Steve catered to your ability. The time they spent with our 2 wives was unmatched. Personally, Doug challenged me by teaching a number of casting techniques in some difficult water on the Provo. By the end of the full day, we all felt that Doug, Mike & Steve were long time friends! We, Robin, Brad, Don, Rhona and myself, highly recommend Jeremy and his team of Guides! Superior experience!


Mike 2

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